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Carburetor isn’t your just average app — it’s a sleek graphical interface carefully crafted for Tractor, using the cutting-edge GTK4 and Libadwaita tech. Initially aimed at simplifying life for GNOME enthusiasts on their mobiles, Carburetor’s magic isn’t limited to small screens. Surprise! Desktop users, you’re in luck too. Carburetor lets you set up a TOR proxy hassle-free, without getting your hands dirty with system files.

Carburetor Main Window

Carburetor is your go-to for a smooth TOR connection without any geeky headaches. Slide into the Carburetor Main Window, and you’ll find a setup that’s easy on the eyes. It’s all about simplicity; no need for tweaking unless you’re a tech pro.

Carburetor Preferences Window

The Preferences Window is your playground for tweaking settings, but don’t worry — there’s no pressure. It’s for the experts who love fine-tuning their experience. Average users, you can keep things chill and enjoy the ride without diving into the technical stuff.

The best part? Carburetor is all about freedom. It’s Free Software, meaning you’re in control. Plus, your privacy is its VIP guest. No compromises here. Want to peek under the hood? The Carburetor Git repository is where the party’s at — check it out here. Get ready to roll with a tool that’s not just pro but also keeps it real for users, whether you’re tech-savvy or just looking for a smooth ride.