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Meet Tractor – a Python-powered command-line virtuoso designed with love, offering seamless connections to The Onion Router (TOR). Think of it as your TOR companion, attentively crafted to harmonize with your preferences using the versatile GSettings for a personalized TOR experience.

The true star quality of Tractor lies in its dedication to respecting your digital space. All your config files and network connections reside snugly within your user space, respecting your system’s integrity. No system-wide disruptions – it’s like inviting TOR into your digital living room without rearranging the furniture.

We understand that connectivity isn’t one-size-fits-all. Whether you’re a direct connection devotee or prefer the discreet allure of vanilla bridges within the TOR network, Tractor tailors itself to your preferences. But here’s where it really shines – with its arsenal of plugins, including the privacy guardian obfs4proxy, offering an extra layer of anonymousness.

Tractor proudly stands as Free Software, putting the users in the driver’s seat of their digital journey. Privacy is non-negotiable, and Tractor treats it like VIP.

For those seeking a TOR companion that values freedom, control, and privacy, Tractor is your ally. Check out its digital haven in the Git repository and gear up for a TOR experience that’s not just personalized but also grounded in principles that matter.